The Viscount’s Bride


MYSTERY:  Matthew, Viscount Rathbourne, meets his new neighbors, the Countess of Ashburn and her daughter, Kathleen, poaching trout on his family’s land. As the two families continue their acquaintance, Matthew’s feelings for Kathleen deepen. But when two people are found murdered on Ashburn land, Matthew and the Ashburns begin an investigation that will put all of their lives in jeopardy. Danger lurks ever closer and as the secrets of the past unravel, Matthew must put his life on the line to keep those he loves safe.


Part of the charm of historical romance is seeing a couple navigate the social restraints of the day and still fall in love. This romance doesn’t adhere to those restraints, and prevents the reader from enjoying what makes historical romance unique. The author does have some memorable characters that are forced to face murderers, smugglers, and devastating secrets that could cost them their lives. Unfortunately, with so many events, it’s difficult for the reader to really connect with the characters and their emotions before they’re thrust into the next scene. So many secondary events also overshadow the love story and thrust it into the background, denying the reader the chance to truly sympathize with Kathleen and Matthew. And while the author is imaginative, the overall feeling is of being told a story instead of being able to experience it as a reader. However, with a good content editor, this author could definitely claim her place in historical romance fans’ hearts.


Kate Campbell