The Virgin Huntress

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Stepmothers are evil. Proof: Cinderella, Snow White, and basically every fairytale that has stepmother in it. So, can Lady Vesta Chambers really be blamed for feeling threatened by her new stepmother Phoebe and her dad’s love for her? When the opportunity arrives for Vesta to escape her evil clutches (i.e. go to the excitement of London in the company of her aunt) she takes it.  Almost upon arrival she meets…her beloved, Captain Hewett DeVere. He may not know he is hers yet, but she’ll make sure he sees the light. For Vesta is nothing if not very determined.

Hew has returned from the war and is looking forward to settling down. A strong, sensible option is Vesta’s aunt Diana. Certainly not the bratty slip of a girl who is living with Diana, and seems rather meek. Vesta, however, may not give him a choice, and when she takes drastic measures he may be forced to discover more about himself, her and the possibilities that lie between them…

Stepping into a Victoria Vane story is like riding a roller coaster! Lots of excitement, giddiness, bright lights all around that make you ignore the slight discomforts. The story is fun, the dialogue is witty, the usual roles are changed, the originality and the threads of different story-lines abound here. The aforementioned discomforts weren’t that distracting, but they were there, Vesta’s behavior was sometimes too bratty,  along with the rushed nature of their love… The latter being a consequence of the shortness of the book. The story is, nonetheless, an absolute joy to read as it intrigues the reader with all the possibilities. Devil DeVere, anyone?

Mimi Smith