Viking Fire

Andrea R

In 865 AD Ireland, “Viking Fire” explores first love amidst animosity and warring Viking raiders and rival Irish clans. Laird Liannon’s youngest daughter is forced to marry Viking Bram Lochlann to gain allies and protection for their clan and lands, while Bram gains property. Kaireen refuses to marry their sworn enemy, determined to force Bram to break the betrothal. Meanwhile, spies and power-hungry rivals plot to destroy the Liannons and rule Ireland for themselves by framing the Liannons for a rival Laird’s murder.

Strong-willed, courageous, smart, and loyal, Kaireen is a spoiled brat, stomping around with a bad attitude being rude to anyone who crosses her path, particularly Bram. Bram is mysterious, noble, compassionate, and irresistible with the patience of a saint. Readers will be laughing out loud at the interactions between Bram and Kaireen and rooting for Bram as he patiently and genuinely seeks to know Kaireen and win her heart. He definitely counters Kaireen’s ideas about men, Vikings, and life, keeping her on her toes and helping her to mature along the way.


Elva, Kaireen’s handmaiden, stands out from the other characters with her obvious matchmaking and mentorship to Kaireen. Her unique ability to always know the right thing to say or do, bizarre advice, and healing methods suggest she might be more than just a handmaiden. Notwithstanding, editing and style issues that interfere with storytelling clarity and flow, “Viking Fire” is a thrilling historical romance featuring rich description, strong, well-developed characters, action, suspense, and sweet  romance. 


Lacy Hill