Vienna Waltz (The Imperial Season Book #1)


REGENCY:  Lizzy Gaunt has accompanied her aunt to the Peace Conference in Vienna celebrating Napoleon’s defeat.  After the death of her father she and her three siblings were left destitute. A distant relative they call Ivan the Terrible has inherited all the entailed property.  After Lizzy witnesses a rogue stealing a necklace from a lady at the theater she decides to hire him to do the same for her:  steal a necklace that belongs to Ivan the Terrible, and sell it to provide for her family.  The rogue agrees, for his own reasons, and he is also hiding the fact that he’s really the dashing Russian soldier Vanya. As he falls for Lizzy, can he make amends for his deception and win her heart?


“Vienna Waltz” is Regency romance set in the city where the dance began. Johnny (aka Vanya) is a rogue, stealing the reader’s heart as he steals Lizzie's. The look at the complex society games of those in the Tsar Nicholas’ inner circle makes for fascinating human drama.  Readers will feel a bit like they are reading “War and Peace” meets “Pride and Prejudice”, with the intermingling of Regency elements with Imperial Russia.  Lizzie is a sweet, enchanting heroine whose devotion for her siblings and family is undeniable. Said siblings and an irascible, goofy dog named Dog make for welcome comic relief.  Although this is a sweet romance, there’s plenty of chemistry in the moments that Lizzie shares with Johnny/Vanya.  Although the climax lacks tension, other aspects of this novel make it a very enjoyable read for historical romance fans.

Danielle Hill