A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology

Heather Boyd, Barbara Monajem, Nicola Davidson,
Wendy Vella, Beverley Oakley, Donna Cummings

“A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology” is a compilation of Regency Romances that will have readers longing for their own heroes like the ones in the pages of this tome: Harper Cabot, who finds love in the most unexpected places: Colwyn North, whose powers of seductive suggestion backfire on him when he uses his gift on the love of his life. Jack Reynolds, who after developing amnesia finds out that he can never be the man for the woman who loves him. Harry Harrington, who spends the evening with the woman of his dreams after a masquerade ball only to realize that she is someone he did not expect to fall for. Nicholas Harding, who as Lord of Misrule has certain rules he abides by when it comes to women until a lady makes him break every one of them. And Digby, Lord Ruthcot – a blue blood who falls for a demimonde who can never be his wife.


Each story is exquisitely penned. The language used by each and every author in the anthology accurately depicts the setting, including the stiffness and formality of the spoken words between members of the ton. Each author brings about the sweet culmination of a happily-ever-after that will make Regency romance lovers sigh with wishful thinking and longing for their heroes. This is one fantastic read that will make readers want to sit in front of the cozy fire and be left alone for hours to enter the world of these men and the women they love.


M.P. Ceja