Reviews - Historical

MEDIEVAL:  Brighton De Faveraux is a postulate at Coldingham Abbey and as such, her life’s course has been set out for her - until she is kidnapped by a band of brigands.  Innocent of her past and of the world outside the Abbey walls, she must put her trust in Patrick de Wolfe, the handsome stranger who rescues her.

Widow Grace Stannous runs from the ancestral home of her husband when his cousin Charles and his wife descend upon her.

The Heart You Need
Diane R.

San Francisco society reporter Adeline Ellsworth is investigating a corrupt prominent citizen when she and Scottish lord, Alec MacCairn, Viscount Peyton, are kidnapped.

In the reign of Charles II being Catholic is against the law.  There’s much religious intolerance simmering beneath the surface, especially as it’s thought that Charles’ brother James has secretly convert

Set in the Scottish Highlands of the early 15th Century, "His Highland Heart" takes off with a harrowing shipwreck that leaves Euan Brodie cast upon an enemy shore.  His crew is presumed drowned and he must find a way evade the Ross Clan and steal a boat to make his way home to Brodie.  Before Euan can escape, though, he sees a beautiful lass caught in the surf near where he is hiding.  He must