Verity (Runaway Brides of the West – Book 8)

Krystal M.
Verity Dalloway is on her way to meet her soon-to-be husband as his mail-order bride. She envisions a wonderful life filled with home and family. After taking the rail passage west as far as Salt Lake City, she has to switch to a stagecoach for the trip to Silver City, Idaho. Roscoe Hickson is also headed to Silver City to join his brother. When the stage is attacked by robbers, the driver and most of the passengers are killed, but Roscoe and Verity must work together to survive their ordeal. Will their circumstances bring them so close that Verity changes her mind about marrying the unknown Mr. White?
“Verity” is not your typical mail-order bride book; it’s so much more! The author has created a beautifully descriptive story that makes one feel as if they’re right there seeing exactly what the heroine is seeing, and experiencing what Verity and Roscoe are going through with their dangerous ordeal. While a bit elusive at first, Roscoe turns out to be the quintessential Western hero, putting Verity’s needs and safety above his own, even when it means giving her up. She, in turn, is an extremely likeable and independent heroine. And, to her credit, someone who lives up to the bargain she made to marry Thurman White. It isn’t until they meet that Verity realizes Thurman is no Roscoe, and totally unsuitable for what she hoped for in a husband. Fortunately, a simple mix-up gives Verity and Roscoe another chance. Readers who are fans of sweet, historical romance, with a bit of danger and intrigue thrown in for good measure, are going to love this book!
N.E. Kelley