Verity’s Lie (The Huntley Trilogy #3)


Charles Huntley, Lord Ryevale has been secretly working for the government for years. The need to keep it secret and to remain ever the rogue destroyed his relationship with his father. Now, it might cost him Verity. He got close to her in order to protect her, as he’d been told (because her father was negotiating an alliance against Napoleon), but now he’s starting to care. There are far too many lies and secrets between them. He knows she will never forgive his deception…


Verity has grown up under her father’s command, forever trying to prove she is not like her adulterous mother. When Lord Ryevale starts acting the charmer with her, she’s suspicious, but everything he’s offering: the exciting side of life, so liberating… She can’t say no to him. Until she begins to suspect the truth.

Napoleon, spies, deceptions within deceptions peppered with passion and love-just the thing to win over any reader! The doubts and insecurities of Verity and Ryevale make them endearing characters, indeed. Cheering for them is guaranteed! 

There are a few inconsistencies in dialogue (some events were told first from one, then the other POV) and some things should have been clarified (after her lie, how did they know where to wait, especially if everyone was fooled?). Also, Ryevale’s government career could have been implemented more effectively to make the plot  feel more realistic.  Small details such as these would have made this book even more incredible. Even so, “Verity’s Lie” definitely takes hold of a reader’s imagination and heartstrings and doesn’t let go!

Mimi Smith