Venomous Secrets (Elemental Steampunk Chronicles #4)


STEAMPUNK: Cait has always wanted adventure and to be an agent for the Queen, just like her brothers. She has a unique biology and studies venom in her lab, but she wants more. Enter Agent Jack Tagert. He has a medical issue that is threatening his career as an agent, but it will have to wait. Bodies are piling up with injuries matching a vampire, only it isn’t a vampire. What is this creature? Cait and Jack find themselves in a compromising position that leads to their forced marriage. It doesn’t take them long to discover that they both have strengths that could help them with this case. The benefits could give them both what they most desperately want... love is just an added bonus!

This is Victorian England at its finest! The steampunk aesthetic is absolutely divine! Readers will feel completely immersed in this world, and they should also get their fans ready because this chemistry is off the charts! There is no doubt that there is an attraction between Cait and Jack, but it is their mutual respect for each other that really adds to the chemistry. Jack doesn’t try to limit Cait. He knows she is strong and isn’t intimidated by it, which is unusual and refreshing for this time period. The pacing does leave a little to be desired. The beginning of the book starts off strong, but while the plot is developing, some parts end up feeling a little slow. Just when it feels like the plot is going to take off... it doesn’t, and the characters are back on the trail. Don’t fret! This book will leave readers wanting more!

Amanda Hupe