Reviews - Historical

A Grand Tour (Timeless Victorian Collection Book 2)
Anthea Lawson, Jennifer Moore,
Heather B. Moore

“A Grand Tour” features three individual stories that follow the travels of three women named Isabelle, Eleanor, and Evelyn. Each story takes the reader to a new place — Isabelle travels to Morocco, Eleanor to Rome, and Evelyn travels to Egypt. They each have an idea of what they envision their life to be.

Frances LeSieur is requesting a separation from her husband, Henry. Relieved she is not asking for a divorce, he is startled when his normally complacent wife comes forward with her request. She furthermore tells him that she is going to court to serve the Queen.

Five years ago, Ilsa Pedersen was an orphan working as a maid in the home of the Whitacres of Vancouver, Canada.  While not a happy home, Ilsa found happiness in her friendship with Theo, the only child of the wealthy Whitacres.  Her happiness is short-lived when she is tossed out after being found in a compromising position in Theo’s bed.  Putting her shame and heartbreak behind her, she has m

Tarl mac Muin desperately wants to distinguish himself in the raid against the Caesers besieging his homeland and earn his older brother’s admiration. Unfortunately, when he impulsively saves a Roman woman from a Pict ally, he wins a slave, earns an enemy, and loses his heart in the process.

The Laird’s Promise
Cassidy K.

Laird Gavin Ferguson wants to protect his twin sister, Lady Margaret, but as he lies dying, there is only one way he can do so, switch identities with her. The Ferguson clan has no problems with a Lady laird, but convincing outsiders is another story.