The Vanishing of Lord Vale: The Lost Lords Book Two


Lady Vale’s four-year-old son, Benedict, is ripped from her arms by kidnappers in 1796.  The ransom? A book her cruel husband possesses: a book of names and numbers for blackmail. Lady Vale has no idea where it is, and Lord Vale would rather keep the book than retrieve his son. Years later, Lord Vale dies and Lady Vale begins searching for Benedict. Her companion, Elizabeth, goes to psychic Madame Zula’s to book an appointment where she is almost abducted. But a handsome blonde stranger rescues her and is wounded during the escape. They go to Lady Vale to be seen by the doctor when Lady Vale recognizes the man as her son. Like Lady Vale, Benedict is searching for someone: his abducted adopted sister. Can Lady Vale convince Benedict he is her son? Will Benedict find his sister?

“The Vanishing of Lord Vale” is a delightful novel of a lost boy who finally finds his way home. The main characters, Benedict and Elizabeth have interesting backstories flowing seamlessly into the story. The villains are many and difficult to keep separate. The male voices are indistinct.  There are also too many loose ends at the close of the tale for satisfaction. Madame Zula is a standout amongst the villains, adding color and personality to the story unequaled by the rest of the characters. Ms. Bowlin has written an outstanding work with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end!

Belinda Wilson