Valor Under Siege (The Honorables # 3)


Norman Wynford-Scott has studied for the last seven years to be a barrister in England’s political world. Unfortunately, all of his hard work is dashed in one evening due to a holiday revel. Now that he has been screened for two years Norman must decide what is to become of him until he can return to the bar. Lady Elsa Fay has learned to cope with life’s hard knocks by befriending anything that contains alcohol. When faced with ruination of not only her reputation but her body as well, Elsa retreats to her country home. There she can not only begin a life of sobriety but also a rejuvenation of her well-being. Will the trials of country life prove to be too difficult for Elsa, or will Mr. Wynford-Scott’s sudden appearance manage to point Elsa in the direction her new life should take?


Elizabeth Boyce has written an intriguing third installment in “The Honorables” series. The characters in “Valor Under Siege” are animated and the descriptions allow readers to get a clear picture of them in their mind’s eye. Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, it is best to read the series in order starting with “Honor Among Thieves.” Addiction is not a new affliction and Ms. Boyce does her best to describe alcoholism and how it was treated during the Regency time period. Readers may find “Valor Under Siege” full of characters one can either relate to or know of someone that might suffer from similar afflictions.

Mary-Nancy Smith