Valley of Dreams

Sarah M.

Patrick O’Connor is living in Canada after fighting in the Civil War and allowing his family to believe he is deceased. Attempting to drown his demons in alcohol, he is shocked to discover that his family heard that he was still alive and wanted him to come be with them in their new home in Hope Springs, Wyoming. On his way there, he is stuck with the overly talkative and bright Eliza Porter, on her way from England with her young daughter to Hope Springs. When he helps her carry her things to her new home, he discovers himself on his family’s porch. Despite the mixed emotions of his family, Patrick realizes that he had indeed missed them. However, the weight of his dark secrets will prevent him from being truly happy. Eliza helps him learn to trust, let go of his demons, and most importantly: to love.  

Readers will not be able to get enough of Sarah M. Eden’s hauntingly beautiful novel. Her characters are absolutely stunning and incredibly realistic in their emotions. Patrick’s memories incessantly taunt him without reprieve, and he has to learn that keeping those secrets bottled up is tormenting him more than helping his family’s minds stay at ease. Eliza is the bright spot throughout the story, and fits in perfectly with the bantering O’Connors. Despite the book being part of a series, it definitely stands on its own and is enjoyable for those who have had no previous introduction. The reader’s heart will dance and ache continuously throughout this unequivocally charming novel as they read of the character’s plights and achievements!

Jen Griffin