The Vagabond Vicar


William Brook knows he has been called by God to do great things abroad among the heathens, so when he is sent to be the new vicar in a small country parish in England he is sure that there has been a mistake. Thus, meeting the enchanting Cecilia Grant immediately puts him on his guard. Cecilia really wants to make her mother proud, even if a marriage with the son of local nobility doesn’t particularly interest her, at least not the way the new Vicar does. Between Cecilia’s attempts to interest the young lord and William’s efforts to find good work to do among the village, secrets are revealed, hearts are broken, and careers are put in danger. In order to find true love they will have to work together to save a friend and prove that sometimes change is good after all.


A complex Victorian Romance, “The Vagabond Vicar” puts a new twist on this genre. While boy does meet girl and love burns slowly but surely throughout the book, issues in the village and the work that William does as the vicar gives depth to the story and highlights some of the troubles of the time - troubles that aren't limited only to the propriety and scandals of the Ton. Cecilia and William complement one another and will have readers cheering for them as they navigate village expectations and their own histories despite the sometimes slow pace. Overall, a worthwhile read!


Sarah E. Bradley