The Upright Son (The Ashmead Heirs Book 4)


A widow, Lady Delia Fitzwallace, has settled with her three children in Ashmead, putting distance between herself and her overbearing father-in-law, the duke. Country life offers freedom until she comes face to face with the ever so proper Earl of Clarion - her landlord and neighbor! David doesn’t know what to make of Delia. He'd rather not make anything at all, but once his children form friendships with hers, he finds himself often in her company and enjoying it. As a widower, he struggles to find the kind of easy relationship that Delia has with her children. Furthermore, David is beset with pressure to host a political event that will establish him as the next Home Secretary… and to take a wife. Having done his duty to his estate and to his family, isn't it time for him to follow his heart?

"The Upright Son" unfurls its petals one by one with a touching tale of love and family! Delia intrigues and delights with her Jamaican childhood and determination to raise her children as she wishes. David's efforts to be a better father than his own ever was engages readers from the start. There's a reality to the storyline within the childrearing and politics of the day that brings the history of the era to life. The numerous Bensons can be confusing, yet those messy relationships are what made David the man he is. This is the last of the series and can be read alone, though it probably helps to read the series in order. With its opposite attracts premise, this tale will keep readers turning the page from start to finish!

Tricia Hill