Upon Your Return


Fara is a young lady who was orphaned as a girl and left in the care of a heartless uncle, who then sends her to be educated in a convent. At seventeen she returns to her uncle’s home to be married off to a gentleman of his choosing. Though Fara tries hard to please her uncle, she often falls short of his very high standards. Everywhere Fara turns she runs into trouble. Fortunately for her, protection comes in the form of Captain Grant Hill, a tall, dark and gorgeous ship captain.


Ms. Lavender takes the damsel in distress plot to a whole new level!  Her depiction of mid-nineteenth century France is of a world where gentlemen aren’t at all gentle but are all out to compromise Fara for no apparent reason. The only noble gentleman among them is Captain Grant Hill. Once Grant steps in to be her protector, one unfortunate event after the other brings him to her rescue. Unfortunately, Fara’s character is hard to sympathize with. She is not very appreciative of his services, and comes across as conceited. She focuses too much on the expectations of society and not enough on her own feelings.  Although the reader may find these events redundant, the chemistry between Grant and Fara is hot enough to keep them reading on!


Molly Daniels