Upon Your Love (Heiress in Love Book 3)


Farrah, Cloe, and Adrienne Hill are three strong women, each with their own crosses to bear and decisions to make about their future. Will they each make the right choice for themselves or will they be forced to pick at someone else’s behest? Farrah and Cloe only want to be with their husbands and Adrienne only wants to help her long-time girlfriend find a man to  make her happy. But when she pairs up with Christian de Plessis to play matchmaker to their friends she never imagined that she would fall for her new co-conspirator!

“Upon Your Love” is a historical romance based on love, intrigue and the search for the truth. As the third book in a trilogy, the story should not be read as a standalone but in the order in which it was written. Although it can be somewhat understood by itself it will make more sense if read after having read the first two. The story is built on a well-used plot, but it has a few unique details that make it stand out. The main characters are well described and relatable but the minor characters lack any real depth and a few of them seem unneeded. The descriptions and backstories tend to bog down the story in several places, and it is  difficult for the reader to make their way back to the main plot. “Upon Your Love” is a solid entry in the historical romance genre, and a fitting end to author Marie Lavender's trilogy. 

Mary-Nancy Smith