Upon a Midnight Dream

Van Dyken
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Stefan Hudson, future Duke of Monmouth, was shipwrecked during his travels in India.  Finally returning to England. to resume his role as heir to the dukedom means also accepting the betrothal his parents have arranged in his absence. Stefan refuses to continue with the engagement, however, releasing his fiancée, Lady Rosalind Hartwell. But when Stefan and Rosalind's fathers die and other family members fall ill, both families wonder if a fabled family 'curse' may be true. And the only way to break the 'curse' is for Stefan and Rosalind to marry.

This is the first book in the London Fairy Tales series and is based upon Sleeping Beauty with the heroine suffering from inexplicable bouts of sleeping. No pushover, the heroine is determined to wed for love. Stefan is not quite the brute and savage he appears and has a lovingly comedic relationship with his horse. Upon A Midnight Dream is a light, humorous and overall pleasing historical romance. Combined with a mystery - is it really a curse or something more earthly that's happening? - this is also a fairly clean romance. Those looking for a deep and dramatic read should look elsewhere. This is a mild, funny, cute story.

 Jill MacKenzie