The Unveiling (Age of Faith Book 1)

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Lady Annyn Bretanne was born in the wrong time.  A noblewoman in the Middle Ages, her tastes run more to hunting and weapons than the passive woman's pursuits of needlework or music.  She is especially close to her brother Jonas, as he is all the family she has left in the world.  His unexpected death at the hands of Baron Garr Wulfrith at Wulfen Castle leaves many unanswered questions.  Annyn swears she will avenge Jonas' death, and disguises herself as a squire training to be a knight to get close to Garr Wulfrith and the revenge she so desires.  Or so she thinks.  The longer she is around Garr, she finds out that the circumstances surrounding Jonas' death are not what she thinks, and Garr transforms from foe to ally, to so much more.  Annyn also finds out that both friend and foe had a hand in the murder of her brother.
 Tamara Leigh weaves a  gorgeously serpentine tale, with relationships, characters, alliances, and friendships changing and weaving throughout!  She develops her characters beautifully, giving the story depth and mystery as the plot twists and turns.  The rich descriptions about people living in the Middle Ages, treat the reader to a fascinating backstory about life during that time.  “The Unveiling” is the first of a series, and its ending definitely leaves the reader aching for the continuing saga of Annyn, Garr and their stolen life together!
Victoria Z. Burg