An Unusual Courtship - The Brazen Burrells, Book 2

Lynne Connolly

Val, a diplomat serving Britain's Foreign Office, is in need of a well-connected bride to further his career. Juliet, one of the adventurous Burrell Sisters, is the total opposite of what he needs, but she’s exactly what he wants. Informally engaged to Juliet's best friend, Val is ready to put aside his desire for Juliet until he learns his betrothed is in love with another. While circumstances preclude a hasty betrothal between Val and Juliet, she refuses to allow herself to believe marriage is possible due to her family's scandalous reputation. Unexpected danger, unforeseen tragedy, plus the threat of treason are a few of the obstacles thrown into the newlywed's path; leaving Val to wonder if having Juliet as his wife is worth the career he's spent years cultivating.

"An Unusual Courtship" is an exceptionally amazing tale of loyalty and love pitted against ambition and avarice. Dysfunctional family drama, societal etiquette, and political maneuvers merge to provide a unique backdrop to burgeoning passion. Although it is the continuing saga of the Brazen Burrell Sisters, this story may be read as a standalone novel about the middle sister, Juliet. Her intelligence and outspokenness provides a relatable, likable heroine perfect for Val; a cool, restrained hero. Provocative women and cunning men give secondary and crossover characters life. Society's rules and bureaucratic measures give license to corrupt villains. Ms. Connolly's storytelling provides a unique perspective on a specific historical time ensuring bibliophiles will enjoy surrendering to the tumultuous plot where mere words may alter the course of careers and love. 

Tonya Mathenia