Unraveling Secrets (The Secret Trilogy #1)


Abigail watched as her father, Lord Bradford, was murdered in front of her just over a decade ago, and she knows for a fact that the man hung for the crime was not the right one.  She knows because she’s just seen the murderer outside her home in Mayfair. She hatches a plan to get answers on her own but accidentally shooting Stephen, Viscount Ashbury, was definitely not a part of it. Then again, very little she plans actually happens without something going wrong. If Stephen can survive her version of help, they just might solve this puzzle.


Set in the late Victorian era, this tale is the first in a series surrounding Stephen and two friends from college, all of whom were injured in an experiment that killed their professor. Electromagnetism experiments and the resulting aura reading, blackouts, migraines and depression touch are enough similar to Jules Verne, without blasting full on into science fiction or Steampunk, and create a completely believable world where messing with science fundamentally changes men. Abigail is realistically headstrong, working within the confines of society, being the brilliant mind behind her man of business. She does not work well with others, however and it leads her into all sorts of danger - from which Stephen must unwillingly rescue her.  Their emerging relationship is brilliantly, frustratingly written with both not wanting to bend and eventually finding out that they don’t have to. They are perfect compliments to each other without changing anything, and the ability to write it so well is a rare talent in an author. Their story ends happily, yet the larger tale will have one chomping to continue on!


Julie York