Unmasking the Hero (Pleasure Garden Book 1)


It’s been two years since Grace’s husband, the Earl of Wenning, abandoned his bride on their wedding night with no warning. When Grace awakes the morning after her nuptials, she’s alone and in the midst of a full-blown scandal, while her husband travels abroad on a diplomatic mission. Refusing to bow to the ton’s judgement, or her grief, Grace builds a new life for herself. A popular socialite, flirting with scandal and her many male admirers, she plans her revenge as she awaits her husband’s return. 

Despite her circumstances, Grace’s wit and zest for life ensure readers fall head over heels for her. An aura of vulnerability surrounds Grace, endearing her to readers who can empathize with her loneliness and confusion, yet understand her need to enjoy the life she’s been given. When Grace meets the dashing masked hero at the masquerade, you can sense that despite her very strong moral code, she wishes she could indulge. What could be more interesting, and useful, than a mysterious stranger who smells delightful and makes her blood simmer? She has plans for her masked hero and they include figuring out a way to ensure her wayward husband learns his lesson. She’s done fine without him and she sure doesn’t need him when he returns… until the shooting starts. 

Heather McCoubrey