Unmasking Deception


Lord Dominic Gorse is the son of a marquis with a reputation as a bad boy and heartbreaker. He is falsely accused and then found guilty of murder. Dominic never got a chance to prove his innocence, and even his own family believes in his guilt. He breaks out of Newgate with the help of a prison guard who believes he is innocent. Viola Dove is only nineteen, has a lot of responsibility, and is expected to marry well. She attends the Maida Pleasure Garden with her friends and is having an enjoyable time when she is asked to dance by a masked stranger. While he initiates flirting, Viola finds herself having fun with the stranger, and winds up helping him.

“Unmasking Deception” is book 2 in the Pleasure Garden series and is a fun historical romance. Mary Lancaster has created a very believable story with enjoyable characters and one big lovable dog who stole the story. The secondary characters have helped to bring this story to life as well, and the reader will want to learn more about the other characters in the story. Viola is an intelligent young lady who reads people well. She lacks confidence in who she is and does not show her true self to the public because she is afraid they will not like her. Viola is responsible for her mother and siblings and is expected to marry to support her family. The reader will revel in watching Viola and Dominic connect and fall in love. Readers may wish for more suspense, but nevertheless, one will get caught up in the action of the story.

Victoria Zumbrum