Unlikely Spy Catchers


Able Six is a genius. Unfortunately, he is also a bastard born of a prostitute and a workhouse rat until he finally finagles himself into the Royal Navy. Now, living in the naval town of Portsmouth, he has found his life-calling with a woman he loves more than life and a band of underprivileged boys he teaches to become better.  As Napoleon rages across Europe, and England finds itself entrenched in the bloody battle, Able and his boys land right in the middle of a dangerous plot that could destroy all that England is.

Meri Six loves her life. With a new baby, a husband she would die for and a group of ragamuffin boys she calls her own, there is nothing she won’t do to ensure their safety.  And that means mustering the courage to take on the navy, sacrifice her comfort and support the man who could save the world.

If one loves history couched in some of the loveliest prose on the market today, this book is perfection!  Able and Merri’s relationship is penned with such sweet affection that readers can’t help but smile and sigh. The story’s mystery is woven with skill, and the secondary characters shine brightly, especially the courageous young fellows who work so hard to become more than their class permits. The plot flows smoothly but slowly.  So, for readers who like action and quick plot progression, this book will be fraught with frustration.  For those who enjoy reading for the mere beauty of the words and emotion, however, look no farther!

Ruth Lynn Ritter