The Unlikely Master Genius (St. Brenden Book 1)


Durable “Able” Six is a Sailing Master with the Royal Navy—and a genius—in a time when few people understand or appreciate one. England, in 1803, only appreciates pedigree and money. Able has none. He is a poor child who ran away from a hellish Scottish workhouse at the age of nine.  Now grown, he is stuck on shore temporarily, and must find a means to provide for his new bride, Meridee Bonfort.  Meridee is one of the few people who looked at his remarkable mind, and saw past it to the man beneath. Meridee enters into her marriage naïve, innocently drawn to Able’s good looks and charm. She has no idea what else she has gotten herself into.

Able secures a position as teacher for other workhouse bastards like himself, at St. Brendan the Navigator School, teaching mathematics and training young boys to serve the Royal Fleet in times of war. Meridee’s first challenge is when four young lads, fragile and in need of extra attention, join the newlyweds in their home as boarders. 

The passion between Able and Meri is refreshing—and vigorous.  The pacing is unusual, making the plot hard for the reader to follow, as large periods of time often pass in the same paragraph.  Language and word choices are also quite particular. However, watching Meri rise to each occasion and danger, changing from a young innocent to a compassionate wife and caretaker of damaged youth, endures her to the reader. As Able navigates his time on shore in his new position, Meridee navigates the new, unsavory town she finds herself in.

Emerson Matthews