Into the Unknown


In 1939 London, the threat of war is felt by everyone, especially RAF Lieutenant Charlie Butler. But when Kate Sheridan moves in across the street from Charlie, his thoughts of war take a back burner to his instant attraction to Kate. However, Charlie’s reputation as a lothario is hindering his efforts to court her. Reluctant to start a relationship with Charlie, Kate cannot deny her interest in him. It doesn’t take long before their affection turns into something deeper, but the war erupting all around them, makes it difficult for them to connect. When a tragedy forces their hands, their love blossoms, but it doesn’t take long for the dregs of war to tear them apart. 


Taking place in England during the Second World War, this historical romance starts at a comfortable pace, but the events of war quickly hasten the tempo. What begins as a simple wartime romance soon becomes a complicated and war-mired love story with areas that are rushed. It goes from two people completely and totally in love to complicated and distant with no explanation as to why within a few pages. Add in the minor editing issues, and the reader easily loses focus. However, with likeable characters and an interesting story line, one is able to overlook these concerns. Containing a couple of big setbacks, this love story travels a very bumpy path and has one rooting with fingers crossed for the happily ever after. Lovers of wartime romance, as well as historical buffs, will find this a worthy read.  


Janna Shay