Unkept Promises (The Golden Redpennings Book 4)


Jules Redpenning has never forgotten the girl he married in order to help her. She was young and he left after their wedding. Seven years have passed since that night. Mia Redpenning arrives in Cape Town to nurse the dying mistress of the husband who left her and take care of his children. She has no intention of falling in love, but wants a comfortable life with the man she married. When they are separated, Mia finds herself having to fight to help Jules' children safe. While he is in prison in France, Jules battles for his life. Will they overcome their obstacles and find happiness together?

When it comes to historical romance, there are different aspects that make a book stand out. One of which being the fascinating storyline. Dialogue, accurate descriptions of the times and dynamic characters who fit the time. “Unkept Promises” has all of this and so much more. Mia is such a sweet character who has a difficult task to overcome and does so with grace and no ill feeling. Jude Knight has brought together two characters who have been through a lot and will have readers yearning for them to fall in love and have their happily ever after. Some points of the plot slow down slightly but readers will be hard pushed not to enjoy this well written and researched novel. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick