An Unintended Engagement (Victorian Grand Tour – Book 6)

Lisa H.

“An Unintended Engagement” contains the reunion romances of not one but two couples, along with a host of characters from the previous books in the series. Lady Agatha Goulding travels to Paris with her friend, widowed Isabella Phillips, and Mrs. Phillips toddler. Both women have loved and lost in the past. Lord Arthur Yelverton and Geoffrey Rushton both serve as undersecretaries to the Duke of Woodford, the English ambassador to France. They have history with the two heroines and find themselves as guests of the Duke at a lodge where the meddlesome Duke and Duchess facilitate the couples’ reunion.

A unique approach to a sweet, Victorian romance, with not one but two couples finding their happily ever after! This tale is sure to please fans of the era with its lush details of the time period and locations, although it sometimes feels as if the story is intended only as a way to tie up loose ends of two unrequited romances. The author does a good job of resolving the issues that broke them apart in the past. The host of supporting characters are a fun and interesting addition to the plot in some places, yet overwhelming in others. The era details are well done, the romances are respectful, as befitting a Christian-aimed romance. While the book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone as the author does a good job of filling in the details of the backgrounds of both couples. If one enjoys historical romance with a unique twist, this story is one to try!

N.E. Kelley