By The Unholy Hand (Executioner Knights Book 1)

Le Veque

Andressa du Bose has been sent to the convent by her aunt, who is conspiring to take her inheritance. Now she suffers in the corrupt convent, hungry and afraid. One night she sneaks out looking for food and runs into Sir Maxton of Loxbeare. He is part of a group of extremely dangerous men. After serving in the Crusades, they discover a plot to kill the new King. The issue is the order came from the Pope himself. Andressa fascinates Sir Maxton. Their paths soon cross again after finding out that the convent is at the heart of the murderous plot. Andressa must find the strength to help prevent this treason. However, it puts her life at stake, a chance that Maxton might not be willing to let her take. 

Readers will find themselves holding their breaths in anticipation at the turn of every page! This story has a beautiful blend of history, romance, suspense, and mystery.  There is no putting this book down. The historical detail is utterly fantastic, and the historical backdrop of the Crusades gives depth to the novel. Andressa and Maxton are well developed and their stories merge perfectly.  Readers will love watching their love blossom. Watching Andressa find her strength in the face of danger and Maxton discovering that even a man like him deserves love is nothing short of remarkable. Also, the villains are truly despicable and evil. They add such eerie darkness to the story.  Historical lovers should pick up this book and jump into the time of the Crusades to go on quite the adventure!

Amanda Hupe