When Gavin, heir to the laird, has to tell his love, Ella, that he cannot marry her because he must fulfill his duty and marry her elder sister, heartbroken Ella runs away to the nearest convent and becomes a nun of the Cluniac order. Now, eighteen years later, Gavin arrives at the Abbey to escort Ella home to pay her respects to her dying mother. While Ella has spent the last two decades trying to bury her hurt and feelings, seeing Gavin again is mixing her up inside. Beneath the unflattering nun’s habit, Gavin can see the beauty of the woman he once loved, and longs to know her again. When trouble comes their way yet again, will Gavin and Ella be able to figure out a way to finally be together, or will past hurts and outside forces succeed in keeping them apart for always?

Wow! Ms Castel has crafted an incredibly intricate and spellbinding tale with “Unforgotten”. Readers will be pulled in from the first chapter. Ella’s character is feisty and intriguing, and the reader will feel genuine affection for her and all she endures. Gavin is a strong, multifaceted fellow that is definitely swoon-worthy. Sinister undercurrents add yet another layer to this exceedingly well-written story. Readers will root for Gavin and Ella to get their happy ending, finally, as well as for the antagonists to get their just desserts. Secondary characters are interesting and leave the reader wanting to know what their own stories are. Ms. Castel definitely has a winner on her hands with this. Superbly written and a joy to read!

Katy Nielsen