An Unfamiliar Duke (Georgian Gentleman # 4)

Sian Ann

Rosalind Ainsworth disliked Sebastian Lumley when they were children, and he refused her access to his treehouse. Now they are adults. He is the Duke of Kelbrook, and far removed from the London society scene. On Rosalind’s 21st birthday, he arrives to marry her, per the pact both their late fathers arranged when he and Rosalind were but babes. Rosalind is a true innocent and appalled at being forced to marry the rude boy from her childhood - Duke or not! Further, she doesn’t want to leave her home to travel to his home far away from her mother. Sebastian is not thrilled about returning to London to marry a woman he barely remembers, but he is loyal to his late father’s decree. However, he has a secret that has kept him away from London all these years, and it’s a secret that can destroy their marriage before it even begins.

Regency fans, rejoice and prepare yourself for a unique, highly creative historical full of thoroughly likable characters and plenty of excitement, mixed with old-world charm! Rosalind is the sweet innocent, Sebastian is a perfect beleaguered Duke, and the rest of the cast perfectly flesh out the pages. The romance is very slow to build and limited to just kissing once it did develop. The dialogue is a good representative of the era yet it seems a little bland. Conflict is real, yet the characters could face more trials both separately, internally, externally, and together as a married couple. The characters are quite amiable but could have been deeper drawn. Aside from these minor issues, the story is a pleasure to read, and easy to immerse oneself into.

Emerson Matthews