The Unexpected Earl

Philippa Jane

Six years ago, he’d cried off and ended their betrothal with a letter.  Now Lucius Wolversley has just appeared at Julia’s sister's coming out ball. Julia hadn’t seen or heard from the scoundrel for six years and now he is suddenly back in her life! She thought she had gotten over Wolversley, but apparently she has not; what with all the emotions that are boiling over in her heart. The Earl, for his part, is blind-sided! He thought he’d gotten over Julia, but much to his chagrin, he has not.  When a former suitor of Julia's arrives on the scene things become even more tense.  It seems everyone is in love with Julia and the Earl feels like she’s his, because he proposed first!

There is a whirlwind of excitement in this delectable romance filled with deceit, comedy, and love gone wrong! This novel is unique and fresh with several plot lines going at the same time. None of the characters are perfect, which endears them to this reader. The characters often jump to the wrong conclusions, which leads to some hilarity.  It is a chaste read which is refreshing after reading so many novels that detail everything. This is a wonderful addition to one’s library, and one will be reading it again and again.

Belinda Wilson