Under the Harvest Moon: A Bluestocking Belles with Friends Collection

Collette Cameron, Caroline Warfield, Rue Allyn, Mary Lancaster, Alina K. Field,
Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Sherry Ewing, Cerise Deland, Jude Knight

ANTHOLOGY: Ravaged and broken in different ways, eight soldiers return home to Reabridge, Cheshire, England to recover in mind and body. The women of Reabridge are strong and know what—and who—they want, and will do anything to get it. It is the time of the Harvest Moon, and the village is preparing for their annual festival following the harvest. Each lady wants to have a special someone by her side to dance with at the festival. Jack Wrath helps Doctor Adam Wagner get home. Due to his inebriated state which helps him deal with his demons, Doctor Adam Wagner does not see that the midwife, Meg Barlow, loves him. Jack Wrath is looking for a niche to fill, even though his one arm hangs without a sling because a bullet caught him in the shoulder. Cortland will not be dancing due to the shrapnel in his leg, but Avery loves him with all her heart. David Buckley is mourning his dead wife who died following the drum. All have needs, and all have ways to have them fulfilled in Reabridge.

“Under the Harvest Moon” is an incredible anthology, seamlessly laced together by nine brilliant, award winning authors. The village is so realistic one wishes to visit and attend the Harvest Moon Festival with the rest of the villagers. One can feel the hustle and bustle as stands are set up and wares fill the stands, waiting for the festival to begin. The many characters come to life and leap off the page as they are introduced to the reader. We sympathize with them as we learn their weaknesses and applaud them as they rise to overcome them. These imperfect heroes are matched with their imperfect heroines, as these ladies all have their demons, too. Reabridge is a peaceful place where children can be safely raised and injuries overlooked or healed. It is a perfect place to visit, over and over again.

Belinda Wilson