Undeniable (The Highlands Forever series, book 2)


Raised in an unhappy home, Lady Helen Sutherland learned that survival depends upon keeping her father happy. When she’s forced into a betrothal with a man known for killing his wives, she summons the courage to run away from home, seeking sanctuary with her best friend at the rival clan of McKay. But sanctuary only goes so far, and when her father and her fiancé demand her return, Helen finds herself in the middle of a clan war – and in love for the first time.

Home from the middle-east, Jamie McKay has spent most of his adult life serving as the right hand of the Laird of the McKays. He’s successfully withstood pressure to start his own branch of the McKay family…until he meets the lovely Helen. Helen can see right into his soul, but she’s a Sutherland and a runaway to boot. Will their newfound love be enough to bind them together?

Ms. Rand creates a colorful world of noble rogues and courageous lasses on the highland moors that pulsates with drama, politics, and sexual tension. Helen and Jamie are spirited protagonists who are easy to cheer for, even as Ms. Rand sets up her odd-couple pairing for the next book. The dialect-heavy prose is a little much from time to time, and the plot of “Undeniable” is admittedly thin, however, the chemistry between the two leads is enough to smooth over these minor drawbacks. A satisfying entry in the series, “Undeniable” will leave readers craving the next book!

Janice Martin