The Undaunted (A Series of Worthy Young Ladies, Book 3)

When Lord Easton arrives home to tell his wife that she’ll be sponsoring Miss Caroline Upton into society, she assumes he’s completely lost his mind. Her husband doesn’t have any salacious thoughts or ideas, but when Miss Upton arrives, Lady Easton is sure she’ll have her hands full. She enlists the assistance of her nephew, Lord Bertridge, who is as rigid with his life as Lady Easton is. Together, they’re sure they can launch Miss Upton into society without the issues other ladies have had. But as Miss Upton finds herself in one jam after another, Lord Bertridge finds himself exasperated beyond belief with her. As time goes on though, both Miss Upton and Lord Bertridge find themselves thinking of each other more often than their thoughts run toward finding Miss Upton a suitable husband. Can Lord Bertridge meet Miss Upton halfway so they can live happily ever after?
Once readers get past the first couple of chapters of rehash from the previous novels in the series, they will fall in love with Caroline and Bertie. Caroline is precocious and Bertie is a “stick,” but they complement each other rather nicely. One will enjoy the scrapes Caroline gets herself into, usually through no fault of her own, and Bertie’s reaction to them. Readers will love getting inside the heads of each of the characters, as well, especially the butler’s. Readers will certainly appreciate the author’s ability to tell the whole story through many voices without pulling readers from the story.
Heather McCoubrey