An Unconventional Courtship (Cotillion Ball #0.5) A Cotillion Ball Novella


In the early years of the twentieth century, women lived a very different life. Many of the opportunities afforded to us now (careers, education, voting) were not allowed to the feminine part of society. Voting was a hot-button issue and the Suffragette movement was picking up steam. The hero of this novella was a forward thinking girl in an America where a lady's success was based on how well she married. Not easily deterred by social norms, Charlotte Ashcroft initiates a plan to see a dynamic, feminist speaker and sets in motion a string of events that result in meeting the man of her dreams. The snag occurs when her father has a more suitable suitor aligned. Will our modern-thinking lass settle for the safe, acceptable choice for a husband, or will Charlotte hold out for the man who loves her for her mind and wants to build a home and future with a life partner?

A sassy, ahead-of-her time hero compels those around her to think differently, possibly even change their ideology. What could be better? Charlotte Ashcroft is a pioneer amongst her friends and loves to take chances. Following this lass around town and ultimately through the progression of her love story, you are allowed a rare look at the courting rituals of days past. The changes that have occurred for woman in a little over a century are mind-boggling. Wishing this were a longer tale, the reader still left thinking and feeling grateful the advancements achieved through the efforts of these brave women.

Amy Willis