An Uncharted Devotion

Amanda Taylor
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Lieutenant James Turner has just married the love of his life, mere weeks before he sails off to war with the Royal Navy. But five years at war has changed the Lieutenant in ways he can’t explain, and when he finally returns to his bride, he’s not the man she knew—though he’s still the man she loves. Haunted by the loss as a prisoner of war of his dear friend Patrick, James must find a way to once again assimilate himself into English society, as both a Lord and husband, but the need to rescue Patrick keeps him from becoming the man he knows his wife deserves. Now Lieutenant Turner will stop at nothing to discover Patrick’s fate, so he can lay his friend’s ghost to rest and find a way to be with his wife.

Set in Regency Era England after the first Napoleonic war with France, “An Uncharted Devotion” is a tale of love, loyalty, and devotion above all. Told from the point of view of both James and his wife, Sarah, this story takes the reader on an adventure through polite English society, as well as the uncharted waters of the heart. There’s danger, dinner parties, a palace ball, and even a prison break. Couple that with the agonizing will-they, won’t-they romance of James and Sarah, and this is a love story fans of historical romance will read over and over again. 

Nicole Harlow