The Unassuming Curator

Sian Ann Bessey

Emily Norton travels from her family’s country estate to London for her debut into Society. Her family has high hopes she will charm the ‘ton.’ However, Emily would rather stay in her room and read books all day, especially books on unladylike topics such as science and nature. Partaking in Society’s Season is not on her list of things she might enjoy. Then a chance meeting with a gentleman digging flowers along a hedgerow gives her hope of surviving the stresses of London Society. He is enigmatic and charming, and best of all, he is curator at the Natural History Museum. Henry enjoys his curator position at the museum far more than he likes dealing with Society’s shallow ladies. Plus he worries his secret medical condition will scare away potential ladies. Then he meets Emily.

Who knew science, nature and museums could be so fun! Emily is infatuated by Henry the moment she spots him at the hedgerow. She is not so enamored with Society’s bachelors who come to call upon her. Enter Aunt Millward. Every reader will want such an aunt as her! What an amazing and intuitive woman she is. Aunt Millward champions Emily and Henry and firmly cements herself into the fibers of the story. The book could have used more conflict to spice up the plot. However, the minimal conflict is the only drawback to this otherwise charming story. “The Unassuming Curator” boasts very believable, fully fleshed, multi-dimensional characters and fantastic creativity. Seriously, fans of historical fiction will absolutely want to grab this book!


Emerson Matthews