Two Turtledoves

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Baldwyn Sinclair, Duke of Paisley, is summoned from Scotland by his grandmother, the Dowager Duchess of Durbin.  Tough as nails and not to be challenged, she announces to Paisley that he is now betrothed to Lady Anastasia Trent.  He is utterly flabbergasted by the news - he remembers Anastasia mostly as a petulant child.  Granted, many years have passed and things change, but he is none too thrilled with the news.   Anastasia, on the other hand, has been dreaming of Baldwyn her whole life and is thrilled that her dreams will come true. She is devastated when she learns he does not return her affections. Is there hope for love between them or are they doomed to a loveless union?

The characters in this story certainly have a lot of character. They have an animated quality that makes them larger than life. Anastasia is very childlike - although young and sweet, she seems to truly live in a fantasy world. She plays the damsel in distress a little too often and the reader fails to get to know her otherwise. Baldwyn is admirable; the kind of Scottish rogue that readers will swoon over.  The love between them feels a little forced at times and the sudden change of heart is not entirely believable, however, Two Turtledoves is an enchanting read, especially for those who enjoy fairy tales!


 Margaret Faria