Tuesday Nights

Linda Rae

Michael Cunningham knows the only way to save his family from eventual ruin is to make his own way - in trade.  Luckily he is very good at it and, with his business partner, is set to achieve a secure life for himself.  The only nagging question is what to do about a wife.  Although he has no desire to marry, his mother has extracted a promise that it will be accomplished by his 28th birthday -which is starring him in the face.

Knowing  Olivia (his business partner’s second daughter and the only girl he has ever wanted) is still available but realizing he is out of time, he chooses the only option that will guarantee successful results - ruin her.  Once done, however, he must figure a way to show her he really does love her and maybe even help her grow to love him.  

The writing is an absolute delight in this regency romp of a read!  Ms. Sande has such a flair for fun as she paints her characters, that one can’t help but enjoy the ride.  It’s the crazy situations and responses to them that stretch beyond believability.  Expecting Michael to be savvy in business,  yet unable to remember how old he is, along with his total lack of intelligence on many basic societal norms make him look somewhat like a dunderhead.  The complete lack of communication also frustrates the reading, as does the abrupt jumping from primary to secondary stories from paragraph to paragraph without any break.  But, even with this, the book still succeeds in putting such a smile on the face while reading that one can’t help but close the book happy!

Ruth Lynn Ritter