The Truth of the Matter


Laurel Whitman works in one of Philadelphia's factories, and at night studies art design. She shares her dream of becoming a famous textile artist with Irish immigrant Cillian O'Brien, who himself dreams of becoming a famous inventor. Laurel's father, however, despises her artistic talent, treating her far more harshly than her siblings. Soon their relationship deteriorates, and he throws her out of the house, accusing her of being like her grandmother. Laurel is determined to find the woman to understand her father's hatred. Cillian attempts to protect her, but Laurel needs to make this journey on her own. Her naiveté and stubbornness cost her when she barely escapes being raped, but in the end, she reaches her grandmother. What she learns about her father's past will change her forever, for Laurel discovers not only her roots, but what she wants for her future, a future with the right man by her side.

"The Truth of the Matter" is an emotional, dramatic tale that sweeps readers up in the Industrial Revolution and women's rights! Laurel shines as the heroine of the story, and Cillian is a worthy hero who defends those he loves. The story masterfully entwines Laurel's present with the past that her grandmother unveils piecemeal. The reader will be absorbed quickly into the tale, and, like Laurel, will seek answers for her father's antipathy. As the title implies, the truth matters, and emotions will be wrung dry when all is revealed. "The Truth of the Matter" captures the resilience of American laborers and immigrants, the spirit of ingenuity, and the reality of 1900s America, and wraps it up with a romance that will warm every reader's heart!

Tricia Hill