Trusting the Law

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Grace‘s desperate state has forced her into a life of crime. After all, being an owner of a bar that serves bootleg liquor is a dangerous avocation in Chicago in 1922. Prohibition is in full force, and anyone suspected of selling (or even drinking) it, is considered a criminal. But when there’s no other choice, what does one do?  With her life being what it is, Grace realizes she has no business associating, let alone  falling in love with a police officer. However, knowing something is foolish and being able to stop it are two completely different things.

Paul, the police officer, knows there is something shifty going on with Grace, but he’s simply enchanted with her, and cannot seem to stay away.  Even so, he never imagined he would risk everything for her…

Stories set in the time of Prohibition in America are rare, which makes this story truly a jewel! The romance is sweet, but has that illicit feeling of forbidden love. In fact the only problem one can find is its shortness. The characters are intriguing, but we aren’t given the time to meet them properly, to see more of their lives.  Even with that frustration, not caring about their future and their happiness is an impossibility.  The things both of them do for love, and not just the romantic kind, are amazing!  “Trusting the Law” is heart-warming story, and a true delight to read!

Ana Smith