To Trust a Duke (soldiers and Soulmates Book 3)


Lady Dunwood, Ashlyn Clarke, lost her husband to war and her son to a tragic accident. Colonel Reid Baker goes back home to England when his father, the Duke of Gilford, dies. Reid is now the Duke and realizes there is a lot of responsibilities that comes with being a Duke. Especially responsibility for his two half-brothers who are terrors, having been kicked out of four schools. When Reid hears that Ashlyn runs a school for difficult boys, he decides to send his brothers there. Reid can’t help his attraction to Ashlyn and decides she will be his wife. Ashlyn does not want to marry anyone, but her feelings for Reid can’t be denied either. Many obstacles stand in Reid and Ashlyn’s way. Marriage, especially on based on love, will not be an easy goal to reach. 

This is truly a wonderfully different historical regency story adeptly written with intriguing, flawed characters! There are also many unique plot twists along with some mystery and suspense, so it doesn’t get boring! A few points did feel unfinished, but it didn’t slow down the pace. The book has some tragic and horrible things happen which definitely will give the reader a roller coaster of feelings. Ashlyn, the war widow headmistress, is a wonderfully intelligent heroine—independent, loyal and full of love for her school which makes her captivating despite her headstrong ways. Reid, the stubborn commanding hero, may be demanding and a bit annoying but is still lovable. Readers will really enjoy this unconventional tale and will be unable to resist reading it!

Roslynn Ernst