The Trouser Game

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Miss Jillian Kelley has just returned to England after attending university in America.  Jillian took it upon herself to attend a co-ed university, instead of an all girl’s school. Her views on life have changed dramatically, and she wanted to divest herself of her mothers old staid, uptight, proper behavior. With untold possibilities now at her feet, she continues her pursuit of her childhood crush, a very proper traditional Brit, Miles Bassett. 

Bradley Townsend, an American whom Jillian drunkenly gave her virtue to, shows up on her very English mother’s doorstep. Watching Jillian pursue Miles, doesn’t sit will with Bradley, so he uses the passion between him and Jillian at every turn. Hosting a party is Jillian’s mother’s way of trying to make her daughter into the lady she once was, but it gives Miles the opportunity to ensnare himself the Honorable Mary Eberheardt. Now Bradley has a chance to woo Jillian, and to prove she doesn’t want an uptight Brit for a husband.

If one is looking for a story with historical accuracy, this is definitely not it! Purists will shudder at all the historical inconsistencies.  If, however, accuracy is not required and one is just looking for the type of fun, humorous and jovial romp which is more fitting of a contemporary romance, this fits the bill nicely.  One will find oneself chuckling at the names that Jillian gives the Honorable Mary Eberheardt in her jealousy. Even though Bradley is a rake, one can’t help but fall in love with his witty, fun loving personality.  It’s a mixed bag folks, only the reader can decide!

Tonya Smalley