The Trouble with Sin

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Simon "Sin" Singleton has tried his parents' patience for the last time. By reducing his allowance his father hopes to rein in the nineteen year-old's dissolute, careless ways and his outrageous exploits. Determined to set his own path Sin, an aspiring poet, seeks to bolster his income by writing short, amusing descriptions of the Covent Garden prostitutes - a type of "menu" for customers - and be paid for the pleasure of  indulging both his love of poetry and loose women, by writing poetry about loose women. Once again Victoria Vane takes us into the world of Georgian England and DeVere's closely-knit group - Ludovic DeVere, Ned Chambers and Simon Singleton. This brilliant, short story includes snippets from history imaginatively sewn into the plot, including "Harris’s Directory of Covent Garden Ladies", the aforementioned "menu". 

This vignette is really not designed to be read as a stand-alone. It is necessary to read the previous titles in this series to appreciate this story. "The Trouble With Sin" is short, but somehow Victoria Vane manages to pack in a whole lot of story. Readers are given some of Sin's background before his story "Jewel of the East" book #5 in "The Devil DeVere" series is released. The vignette segues nicely into an excerpt from "Jewel of the East" which opens in 1784. Another wonderful addition to the brilliant "DeVere" historical romance series!

Jill MacKenzie