The Trouble With Love

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Lady Charlotte Mason has finally decided to get on with her life. No more moping around because of Major Charles Bradley - her once friend, lover and fiancee. She is ready to take her destiny into her own hands. Her first step is deciding what she wants to do with her life - since marriage isn't in the cards, being a governess sounds right. And she manages to get her first posting! If only it weren’t so suspicious, and if the man who broke her heart weren’t around. 

Charles is in an unenviable position - there are some pretty bad people who have finally managed to find his major weakness, the woman he loves - Charlotte. He needs to protect her and do his job at the same time. But most importantly he has to stay away from her. If only love was so easy to control. 

A regency novel with a promising plot and characters that seemed somewhat unusual and interesting. Unfortunately, neither Charlotte nor Charles were particularly well developed. All of their actions and emotions were a bit fake. It seems like most of the characters are reading from a script without feeling the words. On the other hand, there are moments when the emotions (and drama)  run high. There just simply isn’t any middle ground. Nevertheless, there are some times when everything flows quite nicely - the actions, the behavior, the romance - it just happens sparsely. Overall, with some work on smoothing the writing out, this book could be a very pleasurable read.

Ana Smith

* Our sincerest apologies to the author.  The star rating and steam rating was inadvertantly reversed in the original publication of the review*