Tristan (Pirate Lords Series Book 1)


Tristan Fisher and his brothers long for the adventure of the open sea. They leave their father's fishing boat and go back to piracy. When it seems like everything is lost, they find something unexpected: an old woman who claims to be a relation and knows where to find a treasure map. Gavina Drummond has had so much tragedy in her life. She finds herself disguised as a boy aboard a pirate ship with a treasure map inked on her back. Just what every woman needs. She is assigned as cabin boy to Tristan, and sees a side of him the no-one else does. She needs a lot of money to pay off her father’s debts and the map might just be the way to do that. Risking everything, she shows Tristan and begins the most intense adventure of her life. 

Elizabeth Rose has outdone herself with the first book in her “Pirate Lords” series. With amazing descriptions, a dashing hero and awesome heroine, readers will not be disappointed. An action-packed plot jumps straight off the page with swashbuckling pirates and adventure on the high seas. Time will pass quickly while reading this book, which could lead to it being read in one sitting. Truly an awesome start to a series that will leave the reader wanting to read the second book and see where it goes. An amazing book by a truly talented author that must not be missed. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick