Trimmed in Blue (Colors of Scandal Book 3)


Warning: This story contains strong triggers of rape and sexual perversion, which some readers may find upsetting. 

Miss Louisa Harcourt is a thirty-year-old widow forced to move back home to be with her mother and stepfather, Baron Althrip. Baron is a terrible man, a pervert, and a sick, domineering creature. Louisa stays because she has nowhere else to go and to protect her younger brother, who also gets many a beating from Baron. Louisa’s mother is in denial about the awful things that happen to her daughter and younger son. Louisa is alone in her misery until she meets Honorable Cecil Carrington. Cecil, the fourth son of a viscount, lives on the fringes of society, makes his living as a glassblower, and excels at boxing as a pugilist. Louisa hires Cecil to teach her to fight for protection. 

This story packs a lot inside its pages! The writing is tight and highly creative. The characters are deep, fully drawn out. Some are decent people the reader will want to cheer. Others are so bad, or so dense, the reader will feel emotions to their core. Cecil takes a while to warm up to both Louisa and readers, but he is well worth the wait. Language is accurate for the period. There are some questions regarding period authenticity, but the time frame is not comparable to today’s time. Fans of Regency romance with undertones of boxing will surely enjoy this story.

Emerson Matthews