Treasure Her Heart


At Judith Leslie's very first ball, eligible bachelor Peter Tenwick captivates her —but her mother forbids her to have anything to do with him. In a fit of pique, Judith approaches the young man and asks him to dance the last waltz. He accepts, enchanted with the tall, redheaded debutante who is not afraid to speak her mind. Peter’s father insists that he immediately find a bride. Peter tells him he has found one in Judith Leslie; however, his father absolutely forbids it. To stop Peter’s plans, his father arranges for Peter to marry the beautiful yet disagreeable Lady Cassandra straightaway. Determined to wed Judith, Peter sets out to find a Duke to wed Cassandra. Will he be successful in his quest? Or will Judith be left languishing for him?

“Treasure Her Heart” follows the trials and tribulations Peter Tenwick must face to secure Judith Leslie’s hand in marriage. There are many secrets to be revealed in this stirring account of both the Leslie and Tenwick families. More dialogue would greatly enrich this story. Secondary characters lack depth and do not help to fill out the story. The emotional aspect of the tale is less than one would expect. Judith never gets fuming mad or extremely frightened, no matter the event. Judith, Peter, and Aunt Gin are fascinating characters who include the reader in their exploits.  There is never a dull moment in this quirky, clean, and enjoyable read.

Belinda Wilson