Treacherous Temptation

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Hadley Blanchard has lived a life of self-loathing debauchery since a youthful indiscretion ended in tragedy.  Now fate is offering him the chance to change things. All he must do is marry a naive little country heiress and all her money, lands and vast holdings will be his.  It should be simple, really.  His extensive expertise in seduction and his limitless knowledge of every kind of depravity are the perfect tools. And since she knows nothing of men, success is a given.

Upon meeting Mary, Hadley is even more confident his seduction will not only introduce her to unknown passion, but have her addicted to him in a matter of days.  And it works.  What he doesn’t expect are the feelings of shame and guilt as well as a protectiveness he thought long-extinguished.  Now, with his enemies fighting for her body and her wealth, how far will Hadley go to gain what he desires?


Immediately engrossing yet horrifically heart-wrenching, this tale of greed and debauchery set against innocence and trust will have the reader aching for Mary as she learns the terrible lessons in life while falling in love.  Ms. Vane has an incredible gift for drawing characters that drag the reader right inside, making them experience every emotion that wrenches forth.  Hadley’s depravity feels real as does his slow realization and final soul-baring discovery.  Oddly, the last portion of the book suddenly loses that rich internal emotion and dwells only on the unfolding events.  Although the ending is everything one could hope for, the gaffe is frustrating.  Still, for full-bodied prose with titillating scorchers for sex scenes, it doesn’t get any better!


Ruth Lynn Ritter